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Troll Face Quest Classic is a puzzle game where you try to solve a series of illogical puzzles. But if they don't make any sense, how can you solve them? With luck. Essentially, you'll need a little bit of luck to solve every puzzle.

Troll Face Quest Classic has over 30 different levels that can usually be solved in less than a minute. Most of the time, this consists of tapping the screen once or twice to advance to the next level. For example, on one level, you have to tap the screen to draw a curtain, then tap the faucet.

In theory, Troll Face Quest Classic is a funny game. The idea is that the situations are so ridiculous that you'll laugh ... but the truth is that most of the levels aren't funny at all. On the bright side, you can play the game without an Internet connection, so that's a plus.

Troll Face Quest Classic is a unique puzzle game. It's strange because, despite being a puzzle game, the puzzles don't make any sense ... which contradicts the most basic idea of what a puzzle game should be.
Getting trolled is a pleasure with the Troll Face Quest saga

If there's one meme that's endured the test of time it's the universally hated Troll Face. It tends to show up whenever anybody's getting trolled and its origins extend back to the end of the Noughties when tons of webcomics used Troll Face in endless posts. Today it's become the insignia of sites like 4chan, Reddit, and 9GAG. Its success has been pretty stunning, extending to all sorts of merchandise, videos, and games. And games are exactly what we're blogging about today – in particular the Android saga Troll Face Quest, a series of themed puzzles where the art of trolling is law.
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Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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